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November 26, 2008

Hey, thanks for all the feedback on our video clip! I guess we aren't the only ones who have had a few existential adventures post "Live it Out". It blows my mind that our last album came out in 2005. Seriously, where did the time go?

I was back in NYC on Nov 4 for Obama's win, what a rush! Especially since four years ago to the day Jimmy & I were driving back to Canada with a U-haul full of dreams ( ok actually it was full of guitar amps, same thing). It was a Canadian border guard that told us W had won a second term. We were so grateful to be able to come home to Toronto but it was a harsh moment, leaving behind our place in NY and the neighborhood where we met Josh & Joules and everything else we loved about the USA. All the world hating on Americans was getting out of hand too and for a while there it looked like we would all be stuck in a perpetual war for perpetual peace. Now it seems at least the war in Iraq will end in our lifetime! And everyone who is still optimistic that things could be better can come out of hiding.

So yeah even as we are told the economy is crumbling and predictions for the death of the planet are dire as ever, at least in some ways as a species we are no longer headed in the completely wrong direction. Everything is in transition.

The music world is no exception. On the business side, a lot of people are scrambling to still somehow get super rich the old corrupt way while simultaneously pretending to be forward-thinking and vying for some piece of meaningless online celebrity/credibility. But for musicians and listeners things are only getting better. There is more music to choose from and there are more people who want to check it out. And we are witnessing the rebirth of vinyl! Good times!

Meanwhile, back to the dying planet: A lot of the good times musicians used to be able to take for granted are subject, like everyone else's these days, to internal moral questions that never existed on this scale before. It's not like anyone in the 1970s was considering the ethical implications of carbon emissions associated with touring on a bus, or flying - those lucky bohemians. But for us that is a big question! Like, how do we get all the tour bus companies in North America to revamp their vehicles and give us the option of a bus that runs on biodiesel fuel? Why does every concert leave behind a sea of discarded plastic cups and bottles? More importantly, can I really drink champagne from a reusable mug? I know, the answer is YES.

The idiot era has ended and it is no longer futile to give a shit.

Things can improve.

As for Metric, we are in a great place. For whatever reason, being in this band has always been epic, I guess because all four of us get such a kick out of getting in & out of trouble. Being in Metric is like being on a scavenger hunt, without knowing what you're after or why, but being incredibly determined to turn over every stone in search of a buried treasure. And as much as we needed to take our time making this record, we never forgot that feeling. It's the best. Can't wait to bring it to you.

love Emily

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